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The 4-1-1 on New Changes to R.C. 3313.411

House Bill 166 took effect last month, reducing the two-year requirement of ORC 3313.411 to one year.  ORC 3313.411 now requires a school district with school facilities that have been unused for one year to offer to lease or sell those facilities to community schools, STEM schools, or college-preparatory boarding schools located within the district’s geographical […]

New Property Tax Exemption Requirement for Community Schools

Under Section 5709.07 of the Ohio Revised Code, real property used by a community school for educational purposes is exempt from real property taxes.   The exemption applies if the community school owns its facility or if the community school leases its facility from a landlord.  The exemption must be applied for by the property owner […]

SPK’s “Prior Written Notice” – Special Education Newsletter

In addition to the special education work we do, our firm also publishes “BSPK’s Prior Written Notice – A Special Education Newsletter” to provide our clients with information on timely legal issues related to special education.  Please click on the following links for copies of the newsletters: SPK’s Prior Written Notice, July 2013 Edition – […]