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Ohio Attorney General Defines the Phrase “Support Themselves By Their Own Labor” for Tuition-Free School Attendance

Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.64 explains who can go to school in what public school district without a tuition obligation. The general rule, of course, is that children are able to attend school in the district where their parents reside.   From there it gets complicated. One of the many exceptions to the general rule is [...]

Bill Introduced in Ohio Senate to Amend the “EMIS” Statute

  On July 17, 2014,  Senator La Rose, along with Senators Manning and Beagle, introduced Senate Bill 353 that would amend Ohio Revised Code Section 3301.0714, entitled “Guidelines for statewide education management information system,” in order to identify those at whom student violence was directed. Specifically, for every type of student discipline already reported through [...]

Ohio Attorney General Says Personal E-Mail Addresses May or May Not Be Public Records

A township fiscal officer sent an e-mail discussing township activities, conduct of trustees and legal counsel, and the fiscal officer’s impressions of that conduct to several hundred persons.  Apparently, an upcoming election prompted the fiscal officer to address these topics in his e-mail. A citizen made a public records request for copies of the fiscal [...]

The Ohio General Assembly Provides a Mechanism for School Boards to Grant Credit for Religious Instruction

On September 11, 2014, Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.6022 becomes effective, permitting a board of education to adopt a policy authorizing students to be excused from school to attend “a released time course in religious instruction,” if statutory requirements are met. The policy may authorize students to earn up to two units of high school [...]

California’s Teacher Tenure Statutes Found to Violate the State Constitution

A California judge ruled earlier this month that the state’s teacher tenure statute was unconstitutional under the state constitution and violated students’ fundamental rights to equality of education.  In Vergara v. California, nine students claimed that the tenure statutes result in the ability for ineffective teachers to obtain and retain permanent employment, and that such [...]

Alert: Deadline for Teacher Staffing Plans Approaching for Districts Without Enough Qualified Teachers to Meet Third Grade Reading Guarantee Mandate

Ohio Senate Bill 21, which revised portions of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee last June, requires that school districts submit a teacher staffing plan when they do not have a sufficient number of qualified teachers to meet the reading guarantee requirements.  The staffing plans are due to the Ohio Department of Education (“ODE”) by June [...]