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School Districts Immune from Liability for Public Use of School Premises

Governor Kasich signed House Bill 290 into law on December 19, 2014.  It provides that city, local, and exempted village school districts, as well as their employees and board members, are not liable in damages in a civil action for injury, death, or loss to person or property allegedly arising from the use of school [...]

Ohio Schools to Teach Painkiller Lesson

On December 19, 2014, Governor Kasich signed Substitute House Bill 367 requiring Ohio schools to teach children about the dangers of prescription painkillers – the leading gateway drug to heroin abuse.  A recent study conducted by the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team and the Ohio Department Health revealed that in Ohio there has been a [...]

New Safer Schools Ohio Tip Line is Available 24 Hours a Day

The repurposed statewide hotline offers a way for students and others to report potential school safety issues anonymously.  It accepts call or texts 24 hours a day.  And it is free. Calls or texts to 844-SaferOH (844-723-3764) are answered by analysts in the Ohio Department of Public Safety- Office of Homeland Security’s Threat Assessment and [...]

Ohio Supreme Court Disapproves School Board’s Proposed Conversion of Inside-Mill Operating Levy to Permanent Improvement Levy

On December 2, 2014, the Ohio Supreme Court issued a decision in Sanborn v. Hamilton Cty. Budget Comm ., Slip Opinion No. 2014-Ohio-5218, which barred a school district’s attempt to convert an inside-mill operating levy to a permanent-improvement levy finding that the school district failed to demonstrate that the rate of taxation was clearly required. [...]

State Board of Education Votes to Eliminate Requirement to Maintain Minimum Student Support Personnel

The vote Tuesday, December 9, 2014, involved a proposal to eliminate the current mandate that schools must have five of eight of student support personnel positions per 1,000 students.  These positions are: elementary art, music and physical education teachers, counselors, librarians, nurses, social workers and visiting teachers. Some criticize the change as permitting elementary schools [...]

OCR Issues Dear Colleague Letter on Individuals with Hearing, Vision, or Speech Disabilities

On November 12, 2014, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education issued a joint “Dear Colleague Letter,” with a link to a FAQ document, addressing the obligations of public school districts to ensure effective communication with students who have hearing, vision, or speech disabilities, as well as [...]