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Cheerleader’s Profane Snapchat to be Heard by the Supreme Court

Supreme Court to Hear First Amendment Case Arising Out  of Cheerleader’s Profane Snapchat The U.S. Supreme Court granted certiorari on Jan. 8, 2021 agreeing to hear the appeal of B.L. v. Mahanoy Area School District, 964 F.3d 170 (3rd Cir. 2019).  The appeal is poised to produce significant implications for a public school’s ability to […]

COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) Information and Resources for Schools

As education and public health officials contemplate complex decisions related to school closures, bans on public gatherings, and other measures to slow the spread of Coronavirus, you are faced with having to make swift and confident recommendations and decisions that affect your students, staff and school community.  By now, you have begun the necessary collaboration […]

Pipeline Reassessment Status Update

You may have heard that several pipeline companies, including Rover and Nexus, have filed petitions for reassessment with the Ohio Department of Taxation (“ODT”) for significant reductions in their public utility tax assessments.  The reassessment of public utilities is governed by R.C. 5727.47.  Under the statute, ODT is required to send notice of a petition […]

UPDATE: Supreme Court of Ohio to Hear Bullying Appeal

The Supreme Court of Ohio has accepted an appeal from the Toledo City School District regarding personal liability of school teachers and administrators in cases involving bullying.  The appeal was taken from the Sixth Appellate District’s August reversal of the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas’ grant of summary judgment. (A.J.R. v. Bd. of Educ., […]

The 4-1-1 on New Changes to R.C. 3313.411

House Bill 166 took effect last month, reducing the two-year requirement of ORC 3313.411 to one year.  ORC 3313.411 now requires a school district with school facilities that have been unused for one year to offer to lease or sell those facilities to community schools, STEM schools, or college-preparatory boarding schools located within the district’s geographical […]