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Albin Bauer has 28 years of experience in a practice that focuses on the public sector and constitutional law, schools, and environmental law. Albin mainly counsels public schools and other political subdivisions and special purpose districts, including solid waste management districts, counties, townships, economic development agencies, and water and sewer districts.

In his public sector practice, Albin assists clients with open meetings and public records law, ethics laws, fiscal compliance and audits, and disputes regarding local taxes and fees. He advises schools and other public organizations with contract drafting and negotiation, construction-related issues, development of RFPs and contracts, and compliance with competitive bidding and procurement laws. With his extensive state and federal constitutional law experience, Albin guides clients through the unique issues faced in Section 1983 litigation, interstate commerce clause disputes, and other constitutional and regulatory compliance issues.

Attorney Bauer is the secretary of the Organization of Solid Waste Districts of Ohio and advises many of Ohio's solid waste management districts. Albin also advises and represents clients on environmental issues such as emergency spill response and reporting, air pollution regulation and permitting, water and sewer issues, wetlands, construction and demolition debris, and nuisance law. He regularly represents parties before the Ohio Environmental Review Appeals Commissions and the Ohio EPA concerning liability and enforcement issues.

Attorney Bauer has been a registered legislative agent for several public agencies in Ohio for more than 15 years. Albin graduated cum laude from the University of Toledo College of Law in 1990, and from General Motors Institute (n/k/a Kettering University) in 1985. To contact Albin directly, call (419) 290-1793 or email [email protected].

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