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Board Policy

Policies guide public officials and employees through tough decision-making processes and in their day-to-day responsibilities; they are key to the effective and efficient operation of a school district, community school,  or educational service center.  Our experience for nearly 20 years with a highly regarding national education policy company that writes policies for more than 400 school districts in Ohio, and our years of advising boards of education and governing boards, make us ideally suited to assist boards in creating, reviewing, and amending policies and administrative guidelines to ensure legal compliance with state and federal mandates.  We provide policy language that is clear to all employees, as well as the community at large. 

Our policy-related services include:

  • Conducting comprehensive audits of existing policies and administrative guidelines and regulations, including relevant manuals, handbooks, and other sources;
  • Eliminating contradictory or outdated policies;
  • Drafting custom policies and modifying existing ones to reflect current laws, regulations, and practices;
  • Conducting workshops and in-services on policy implementation; and
  • Providing ongoing consultation when issues arise concerning the interpretation of a policy or guideline.

TEAM:  Scott Peters, Karrie Kalail; Maria MarkakisAlbin BauerSherrie Massey; Krista Keim; Dan Shisler

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