Labor Negotiations & Relations

Labor contracts command a majority of a school district's budget expenditures, organize critical relationships, and are key components in creating positive outcomes for students.

Our firm provides guidance through each step of the bargaining process while holding strong to your goals and objectives and without damaging important relationships. We are sensitive to your bottom line, as well as your long-term needs.  Throughout negotiations, we work to protect or enhance management rights, maintain, or improve the district's financial stability, and make sure the board and administration are in a strengthen position at the end of the process.

Our attorneys have experience bargaining labor contracts with the Ohio Education Association, Ohio Federation of Teachers, and the Ohio Association of Public School Employees among other labor unions.  We are experienced in traditional bargaining, interest-based bargaining, concentrated/expedited bargaining, enhanced bargaining, and other hybrid forms of bargaining.

Negotiation Services:

  • Review and analyze labor contracts;
  • Draft bargaining proposals and identify board priorities by needs and operational constraints;
  • Serve as primary spokesperson at the bargaining table; and
  • Create a professional and appropriate bargaining environment; and
  • Apprise the board of progress at the table.

Post-Bargaining Services:

  • Labor contract interpretation and implementation;
  • In-service sessions and workshops;
  • Grievance consultation and arbitration defense;
  • Unfair labor practice charge defense at the State Employment Relations Board (SERB);
  • Early retirement incentives; and
  • Subcontracting.

TEAM: Karrie Kalail; Scott Peters; Maria Markakis; Sherrie Massey

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