Board Governance

Board Governance

The job of being a board member seems to grow in complexity every year.  While much of our time is spent consulting with superintendents, treasurers, business managers, and other central office administrators, our duty of representation is always first and foremost to the board of education.  Besides conducting proactive board member trainings to ensure board members understand their rights and responsibilities, we regularly advise them on board member and district liability, the duty maintain and produce public records, compliance with Ohio's Open Meeting laws, hiring, contracting with, and evaluating superintendents and treasurers, school funding, building closures, and ethical obligations.    We also are asked to address media and public relations issues, draft board resolutions, and explain various legal issues that are involved with the use of social media.

TEAM:  Scott Peters, Karrie Kalail; Maria MarkakisAlbin BauerSherrie Massey; Krista Keim; Dan Shisler

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