Student Issues

Drawing from extensive litigation experience with student claims in both state and federal court, we use our knowledge to provide sound advice for student legal issues ranging from drug testing to First Amendment rights.  

We provide counsel on:

  • First Amendment issues, such as student dress and speech, school newspapers, school prayer, and distribution of religious and/or political materials;
  • Search and seizure; 
  • Equal Access Act;
  • Title IX issues;
  • Student records – FERPA/R.C. 3319.321;
  • Student privacy;
  • Tuition and residency issues, including open enrollment, homelessness, and foster care placement;
  • Custody and guardianship issues;
  • Child abuse reporting requirements;
  • Peer-to-peer harassment, including discrimination and bullying/cyberbullying;
  • Student participation in extracurricular activities, including drug testing;
  • Home schooling and post-secondary enrollment questions;
  • Student attendance issues; 
  • Use and abuse of technology, including electronic devices, internet, and social media;
  • Athletic Eligibility and OHSAA compliance; and
  • Implementation of student discipline (in-school and out-of-school suspensions and expulsion) and related appeals.

We also review policies, codes of conduct, and student handbooks and provide in-service training so that all staff members are up-to-date on recent changes in the law.

TEAM:  Scott Peters; Karrie Kalail; Maria MarkakisSherrie Massey; Krista Keim; Dan Shisler

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