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Senate Bill 11 corrects previous legislative drafting error; Juneteenth now paid holiday for eleven and twelve-month nonteaching employees

Posted by Daniel R. Shisler | Mar 13, 2022 | 0 Comments

On Friday March 11, 2022, Governor DeWine signed Senate Bill 11 into law, in which the legislature corrected its previous drafting error by granting Juneteenth as a paid holiday to eleven and twelve-month nonteaching employees as was originally intended.  The statutory language will take effect on June 9, 2022, meaning the paid holiday provisions will be in effect for Juneteenth 2022.

H.B 110 (the budget bill for the 2021-2022 biennium) originally included language providing Juneteenth as a paid holiday for designated nonteaching employees.  However, due to a drafting error, eleven and twelve-month nonteaching employees (the group most likely to be required to work on Juneteenth), were not originally granted the paid holiday by H.B. 110's amendment to R.C. 3319.087.  Instead, H.B. 110 amended R.C. 3319.087 to provide Juneteenth as a paid holiday to nine and ten-month nonteaching employees.  This legislative mistake proved to be a major source of confusion for administrators across the state.

Now, following S.B. 11's enactment, R.C. 3319.087 correctly provides eleven and twelve-month nonteaching employees Juneteenth as a paid holiday, and no longer provides Juneteenth as a paid holiday to nine or ten-month nonteaching employees.  With the error corrected, eleven and twelve-month nonteaching employees will now be required to be provided Juneteenth as a paid holiday.

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